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      Should we help others in need?

      1. 现在经常有这样的现象发生:路上有人摔倒,没人敢上前帮忙。

      2. 这是人们的公德心缺失还是其他什么原因呢?

      3. 你对此有何看法?


      Should we help others in need?

      Helping others has always been a virtue in traditional Chinese culture. But what’s strangenowadays is that people dare not show their helping hands to those in need. I would like toelaborate my views on this issue.

      Firstly, I think people’s moral sense has degraded. When egoism gains the upper hand,many people find it growingly hard to help others. Secondly, there is no denying that sometragic events turn out to be traps by people with evil intentions. So common people arebecoming more risk-conscious and are more wary of traps and deceits.

      In general, I contend the idea that we should be warm-hearted and offer help as well aslook out for potential hazards so as not to be deceived.


      College Students'Living Condition

      1. 反应大学生生存状况的词语从“蜗居”、“蚁族”到“鼠族”,不断涌现。

      2. 对于这种现象,你有什么看法?


      College Students'Living Condition

      Recently, the living condition of some college students is frequently referred to as“dwelling-narrowness”. In fact, this embarrassing situation is very serious that few of us canfail to meditate on the causes of it.

      In the first place, it's difficult for graduates to bear the high cost of life in big cities. Poorpayment thus gives rise to bad living conditions. Next, college students are more ambitious.Many of them are eager to compete in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing, where talents areabundant and positions are limited. Refusing to go back hometown let them suffer in bigcities, which indirectly make their situation worse.

      Generally speaking, college students should be more qualified to better themselves andadjust their goals according to the reality.


      Directions: Write a composition entitled On a Harmonious Dormitory Life.

      You should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in Chinese:






      On a Harmonious Dormitory Life

      Dormitory life is an indispensable part of college life. But sometimes the harmony in thedormitory is disturbed in one way or another.

      As is known to all, a harmonious dormitory life is important to college students andbenefits all the members. On the one hand, we can have a good rest and put our heart intostudy. On the other hand, we will have a good mood and enjoy being together.

      There are several ways to create and maintain a harmonious dormitory life. Firstly, youhave to eva luate your life-style and try to get rid of your dirty habits, if there are any.Secondly, when an annoying situation arises, you’ll just have to learn to tolerate each otherand co-exist. Thirdly, you’ll have to share with each other and make good friends.

      In conclusion, we should j try our best tobuild harmonious dormitory life for the sakeof.good study and sood life.


      indispensable adj.必不可少的,非 常重要的

      eva luate v.评价

      get rid of 除掉

      disturb v.打扰

      annoying adj.烦人的,讨厌的

      in one way or another用这种或那种方式,以某种方式

      arise v.产生,发生

      tolerate v.忍受

      as is known to all 众所周知

      for the sake of ...为了............. 的利益,为了.... 的目的




      (1) 模版1

      Different people have different views on_____.Some people think that_____,whereas others aegue that __________.

      As far as I am concerned, I agree with the opinion that ___________.For one thing,I firmly believe that ___________.For another,_____________.Just think of________,who/which_______.

      Taking all these factors into consideration,we may safely come to the conclusion that______.Only if_______can we _______,just as the saying goes,________________.


      In recent years there have been many reports of ________.It turns a new chapter of _________in China,and will have far-reaching effects in the forthcoming years.

      The biggest benefit,in my eyes,is that_______.In addition,_______.Finally,______________.

      Apart from the benefits mentioned above,we should also face several unavoidable challenges.In the first place,_____________.In the second place,________.What’s more,_______________.In summary,we should_______________.


      Nowadays more and more ______are commonly and widely used in everyday life,ranging from __________to_____________.

      The popularity of _______will have a great influence on ______.On the one hand,_________.On the other hand,__________.

      To conclude,____________are just like a double-edged sword.With them we may________.However,one point should be kept in mind that we should make sensible use,always being a master instead of slaving of them.



      It is quite natural for ________to ponder over the question of whether to _______________.

      Many _________will choose not to______________,generally for three reasons.On the one hand,___________.On the other hand,______________.Most importantly,__________.Nevertheless, oher people adopt a completely different view,thinking that_____________.

      Moreover, they further argue that___________.

      From what we have discussed above,we can draw the conclusion that the question quite depends on personal choice.In my own eyes,________.


      When taking about whether _____________,we will be most surprised to fnd that the present situation is utterly complicated,For one thing ,__________.For another,_________.

      Three factors,in my point of view,account for this phenomenon.First and foremost,________.Secondly,____________.Last but not least,____________.

      As far as I am concerned,I firmly believe that____________,only when_____________.


      A national debate has sprung up on_____________.Many people welcome it with applause and enthusiasm,believing that___________.

      However, those who strongly oppose the _________are not among the minority.They hold that______________.Moreover,____________.In aword,______________.

      From my perspective,________should be____________.On the one hand,personally I would argue that_____________.On the other hand,____________.In conclusion,____________.



      With the rapid growth of national economy,more and more_________,which causes a serious problem of_________.

      Urgent measures are needed to tackle the above-mentioned problem.On the one hand ,_________so that ____________is at hand.On the other hand,_____________.More importantly,____________.

      All in all,only when______can we solve the problem of _____________so as to meet everyone’s need .Ultimately,_____________.


      Nowadays, __________.It has become such a serious problem that it is arousing the concern of the entire society.

      To put an end to the serious problem, in my mind, it calls for the efforts from all sides. First of all,__________. Moreover,___________. Last but not least,___________.

      In my point of view, only when all of us join in the efforts of __________ at all levels can we expect to have _________ and ___________.


      If the Chinese people even want to improve their life quality, the problem of __________ has to be solved. With more and more people _______, this problem is becoming more and more serious in terms of scale and scope.

      First of all,_________. What’s more,__________. Only when all the people stop pursuing personal interests at the price of ________ can we hope to put an end to this unfavorable situation.

      The _________ is of great importance to every member of our society. As long as the government, society and individuals make joint efforts, a sound solution is not far away.



      Recently it seems that____________.MANY people,especially___________,think it will certainly do good to_____________because_____________.Moreover,_________.

      Nevertheless,after careful consideration,I have to state that the above view is more than biased,given the following readons.First of all,____________.Besides,__________.Furthermore,__________.

      We can see clearly that although_________may bring favorable results,there are still problems concerning_______.It seems necessary for ___________to make a careful consideration befero________.

      (2) 模版2

      Until recently most people hold hostile attitudes towards_______.Some people view it as_____________while others consider it____________.

      Recent research,however,shows that___________is of great benefit in many respects._________,scientists tell us,_____________.Surprisingly enougu,____________also_______.The most remarkable thing about_______is that_______.

      Now we can draw the conclusion that_______.I strongly advocate that we should make good use of it to_________.

      (3) 模版3

      In current society,we come across too many peole who put much emphasis on __________.In many cases,________has become the sole criterion for judging a person’s__________.

      I argue that we should not put too much emphasis on________.To begin with,we should not take it for granted that those who__________will naturally______________.


      The above discussion points to a fact that_______________.Consequently,it is of vital importance for us to realize that_____________.



      According to the chart / graph / diagram / table, we clearly learn that _________. As early as _________,___________. Then,_________. Last,__________. In contrast, by _________,__________.

      There are many reasons accounting for _________. Firstly, _________.Secondly,__________. Finally,_________. As a result,_________.

      As far as I am concerned,_________. For one thing,__________. For another,________. In brief, I hold that__________.


      What is shown in the chart / graph / diagram / table above indicates that in recent years, more and more people pay attention to _________. The number of those who _________ has increased ________, and furthermore,____________.

      There are two factors responsible for the changes. In the first place,_________. Moreover,__________. Yet, it is noticeable that __________.

      From the analysis, we can safely draw the conclusion that__________. It is possible that in the future, the tendency will__________.


      As is shown in the chart / graph / diagram / table above, __________ has charged drastically in the past _________. While ___________,now the percentage of__________ is __________. Meanwhile, the number of _________ has soared up to ________.

      There are mainly two possible reasons contributing to the rapid changes. The first is that _________. Secondly,__________.

      In my point of view, the changes have a great influence on _________. At the same time,_______. To sum up ,_________.



      _________ is currently becoming a serve problem in China, which happen to ________. So long as ________, ___________ will always unsurprisingly ________.

      Why does ________ become so rampant? First and foremost,__________. Secondly,_________. Last but not least, ________. As a consequence,___________.


      During the last decade, there has been a steady rise in the number of _________. In detail,________.

      Three reasons, in my mind, account for this social phenomenon. First and foremost,__________. Moreover,_________. In addition,___________. As a result,__________.

      Personally, I firmly believe that the problem derives from __________. Thus, if the government make relevant policies and take relevant measure to __________, the problem can be readily solved in __________.


      Nowadays,_________ is/are doing great harm to ___________.

      What are the incentives that drive people to _________? The most important factors should be __________. Furthermore,________. It directly leads to the patent and salient harmfulness that ________.

      Consequently, it is high time that the whole society should contribute to the collective efforts to put an end to ________.







    1、… is the most + 形容词 + 名词 + (that) + 主词 + have ever + seen (known/ heard/ had/read, etc)

    e.g. Helen is the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen.


    2、Nothing is + more + 形容词 + than to + V

    e.g. Nothing is more important than to receive education.


    3、…cannot emphasize the importance of … too much.


    e.g. We cannot emphasize the importance of protecting our eyes too much.


    4、It is universally acknowledged that + 句子


    e.g. It is universally acknowledged that trees are indispensable to us.


    5、There is no doubt that + 句子 (毫无疑问,...)

    e.g. There is no doubt that using the solar energy is clean.


    6、That is thee xact reason why…


    e.g. Summer is very hot ,and that is there ason why I don‘t like it. 夏天很热。那就是我不喜欢它的真正原因。

    7、So + 形容词 + be + 主词 + that + 句子


    e.g. So precious is time that we can’t afford to waste it.


    8、Adj + as … be, 主语 + V… (虽然...)

    e.g. Rich as our country is, the qualities of our living are by no means satisfactory.


    11、It is obvious/ apparent/ conceivable that+句子(明显的)

    e.g. It is conceivable that knowledge plays an important role in our life. 显而易见,知识在我们的一生中扮演一个重要的角色。

    12、 be based on…


    e.g. The progress of the society is based on harmony.


    13、be closely related to ….

    (与...息息相关) e.g. Taking exercise is closely related to health. 做运动与健康息息相关。

    14、Due to/Owing to/Thanks to + N./V-ing, …(因为...)

    e.g. Thanks to his encouragement, I finally realized my dream. 因为他的鼓励,我终于实现我的梦想。

    15、…have/has a great influence on …


    e.g. Smoking has a great influence on our health. 抽烟对我们的健康有很大的影响。




    On Cultivating the Sense of Gratitude

    On college campuses across the nation, there is a noticeable phenomenonthat we cannot afford to ignore: far too many young college students lack thesense of gratitude, one of the countless traditional virtues of this ancientland with a splendid civilization spanning over 5,000 years. These young adultswere not and are not aware of the huge importance of expressing gratitude tothose who once helped them, from teachers to parents and so forth。

    Personally, I deem that the root cause of students without a graceful heartis that they receive an education not valuing the moral sphere. I stronglybelieve that joint efforts from folks across society are the final remedy forthis social headache. As young university students of the new era, we shouldmake our own contributions to this cause. Imagine a world without the sense ofgratitude. This kind of world is doomed to failure. Simply put, we should joinour hands to heighten our awareness of fostering a graceful heart. Only in thisway can we build our society into a harmonious one. My fellow students, I begyou to act from now on.


    On Uncivilized Behaviors

    We cannot fail to notice that countless uncivilized behaviors exist in ourdaily lives, such as spitting, talking loudly, littering, saying nasty words inpublic places and so forth. All these are bad manners that we should not losesight of. As an ancient land enjoying a splendid civilization spanning over5,000 years, China is witnessing a surge in improper acts that every Chinesecitizen should feel ashamed of. Uncivilized behaviors by a host of Chinese bothat home and abroad have seriously affected China's image, according to aneditorial posted on People Daily's official website.

    As Chinese, we should not get offended when others point out our weaknessesbut should focus more attention on improving ourselves. We should strive toidentify the causes of those improper behaviors and find ways to eliminatethem. There are a host of causes, I would argue, behind this trend. To nameonly one: the lack of moral education. The government should wage a massivemoral campaign to fight against this trend and we ourselves should endeavor tobehave decently in our daily lives. As college students of the new age, weshould take the leading role.


    1. Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write acomposition on the topic On Water Shortage. You should write at least 150words, and base your composition on the outline given below:

    1. Water shortage is becoming an urgent problem

    2. Possible reasons

    3. Possible solutions


    On WaterShortage

    No one can have failed to notice the fact that water shortage is a graveproblem with which the whole world is confronted. Actually, it has become sowidespread that it has severely affected people’s daily life and hindered thedevelopment of the global economy.

    A number of factors could account for the problem, but the following mightbe the critical ones. First, with the development of agriculture and industry,an increasing amount of water is needed. Secondly, the ever-increasingpopulation is another leading cause of water shortage. Besides, the globaltendency of warming up also contributes to the problem. What’s worse, pollutionand waste of fresh water aggravate the situation.

    In view of the seriousness of the problem, effective measures must be takenbefore things get worse. First, it is essential that laws and regulations beworked out and enforced to protect water resources. Secondly, people shouldenhance their awareness of saving water. With these measures taken, it isreasonable for us to expect a brighter future.


    Direction: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essayon the topic Unhealthy Habits of College Students. You should write at least120 words following the outline given below in Chinese.





    It can be noticed that there are some unhealthy living habits among youngpeople, especially college students. Typical examples include staying up late,being addicted to games, consuming in an inappropriate way. Thus, due attentionshould be paid to students’ daily habits。

    Apparently, these bad habits may generate negative impacts. To begin with,they may impair students’ physical health and psychological fitness. Inaddition, what worries many teachers is that they may also exert negativeinfluences on students’ academic performance. To conclude, never can we turn ablind eye to these phenomena。

    In view of the seriousness ofthis issue, it is time that we took effective measure. Firstly, it is suggestedthat universities or colleges should cultivate students’ awareness of healthyliving. Secondly, students themselves are well-advised to learn to regulate andcontrol their own life appropriately. Only by doing so, can we hope to see theideal scenes in which students enjoy their colorful and healthy life in IvoryTower.


    How do movies or television influence people’sbehavior? Use reasons and specific examples to supportyour answer.

    范文:The Influence of Television and Movies

    There is no doubt that watchingtelevision and movies can influence the way that people behave. Moreover, it seems that people are spending more and more time watching some sort ofvisual entertainment, whether it is television, a video tape or a DVD. Therefore, the effects ofvisual media cannot be ignored.

    One obvious effect of these mediais that watching them induces people to buy certain products. Televisionadvertising is widespread and, nowadays, even movie theaters permit advertisements. Another way TV and the moviesaffect people is that they give people either a broader view of the world or adistorted one, depending on what type ofprogram they watch. Those who watch news and educational program can learn manynew things while those who watch primarily entertainment shows may come tobelieve that most people in the world possess great wealth and good looks. Itmay make them become dissatisfied with their own lives. Finally, perhaps the most susceptible viewers are children, who may be unable to tell fact from fiction and may try to imitate actsthat they see on TV or in the movies.

    With the ever-increasing popularity of video entertainment, society must pay attention to these effects. Television and movies, while entertaining and informative, cannot take theplace of real experience.




    As we all known, talking and listening are commonly used in communication, but how can you talk without listening to others? Good conversation skills include much more than simply talking to others, listening is also a necessary quality of a successful person.

    I firmly believe that listening is of greater significance than talking. For one thing, If you can not listen correctly, you can not talk properly. Just imagine a world where everyone keep talking but nobody listening, it's useless to say anything then. For another, if you want to make achievement in social settings, relationships and business, one way to ensure your success is to be a great listener.

    Therefore, in order to enhance our conversation skills, here are a few simple rules we can follow to help us become a better listener, such as stopping talking endlessly, giving your full attention to the speaker and making an effort to shift the focus of the conversation to the other person. All in all, nothing can instead of listening!






    For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic “If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.” Write your essay on Answer Sheet 1. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.


    Peter Buck,a famous American female writer,once said “if you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.” Evidently, it is meant to tell us the significant influence of history to this day and age or the intimate relationship between past and present.

    Actually, examples proving it are abounded in our daily life. Here I can think of no better illustration of the proverb than the experience of students. In terms of English examination, taking CET-6 as an example, we students prefer to bone up on the past examination papers first in order to pass the exam successfully. Taking a look around, we can also find examples too many to enumerate. It is no denying to say that“Histories make men wise”( Francis Bacon ).

    To sum up, we may say that if you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday. So, one should not indulge himself in confusion for today and complaint the setbacks he is facing. What he really has to do is to slow down and seek inspiration or solution in his past. In a word, sometimes the best way to go forward is to look backward.














    Never Give Up

    “Never give up” can be very encouraging words, but the majority of youngsters are likely to give up regardless when dealing with the ordinary difficulties of life. As one example, many young people are reluctant to continue their English study when they feel difficulty learning new words. But if one takes “never give up” as a motto, possibilities and opportunities are expanded。

    It is true that giving up may make things temporarily easier, but what cannot be denied is that new opportunities arise from perseverance. Never giving up can expand one’s possibility for success. When confronted with something unknown, a little bravery can result in the possibility of success, like when Dr. Fleming discovered penicillin. Meanwhile, the sense of never giving up enhances one’s self-confidence. This makes one more likely to try new things, opening up even more new opportunities. It can even be a benefit to personal relationships。

    In view of all factors, never giving up is crucial to the pursuit of dreams. Even though toils lie in the way, success is at the other end。










    For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay commenting on the saying “Never go out there to see what happens, go out there to make something happen” You can cite examples to illustrate the importance of being creative rather than mere onlookers in life. You should write at least 120 words, no more than 180 words.



    Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay commenting on the saying ‘Learning is a daily experience and a lifetime mission.” You can cite examples to illustrate the importance of lifelong learning. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.



    Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay commenting on the saying “Listening is more important than talking.” You can cite examples to illustrate the importance of listening. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.















    Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay commenting on the saying “Never go out there to see what happens, go out there to make something happen” You can cite examples to illustrate the importance of being creative rather than mere onlookers in life. You should write at least 120 words, no more than 180 words.


    Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay commenting on the saying ‘Learning is a daily experience and a lifetime mission.” You can cite examples to illustrate the importance of lifelong learning. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.



    Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay commenting on the saying “Listening is more important than talking.” You can cite examples to illustrate the importance of listening. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.